Mostly we are focused on WHOLESALE - ORIGINAL ARMY, SECOND HAND, VINTAGE CLOTHING and EQUIPMENT. STOCK LOTS OFFERS and STORE SALES - textile and equipment. ORIGINAL DUTCH BULBS - tulips, gladioli, etc. We provide good deals of bespoke production of the traditional czech made products: TEXTILE -SOCKS, HATS and CAPS not only for civilian but especially for proffesionals: army, police, firefigthers, hunting etc. METAL PRODUCTION of GASTRO EQUIPMENT stainless steel equipment for bakeries, butchers, delicatessen, patisserie - platters, trays, bowls, plates, utensils - stainless steel ladles and spatulas, spoons, forks, tongs, peelers, graters, tweezers, canines. Steel pans classic and for professional use. ALUMINUM URNS and FUNERAL EQUIPMENT - vases and lanterns for grave, pet urns, crucifixes. Occasionally we trade military material - military equipment, weapons and ammunition D category.